4th Quaters Cake – Perfect for dressing with fondant (Sugarpaste)

4th Quaters Cake – Perfect for dressing with fondant (Sugarpaste)

This is another recipe that I have recently discovered and have to say that everytime I have use it the outcome has been great.

This cake is perfect either for working with Fondant or for  layer cake and one of its advantages is the fact that the different measurements of the ingredients are directly linked to its weight so, for instance, if we use 3 eggs (approx. 60 gr each) the rest of measurements will follow this proportion: 180 gr of sugar, 180 gr of flour….This makes this recipe extremely flexible and easy to adapt to the number of people you make it for. Based on the number of eggs you can based the amount of the rest of elements.

Not sure whether there is anything unclear with what I have explained above but in anycase I am confident it is quite simple, more that what it looks like.



  • 3 eggs (approx. 60 gr each). This element rules the rest of measurements
  • 180 gr of wheat flour
  • 180 gr of (white) sugar
  • 180 gr of unsalted butter (you can make it lighter with margarine)
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • A bit of salt
  • Grated Lemon rind or any other extract that you wish to use.

Let´s go with the Preparation:

  1. First we mixed up the butter and the sugar, but the butter instead of being poured in bulk just do it gradually, using medium size pieces. We start with low speed (1) and gradually we increase it up to 5/6
  2. Once we appreciate it consistent, we decrease the speed down to 4 and we add the eggs one by one. Despite the fact that you might think that the looking is not good just do not panic; do not worry about it. 🙂
  3. We add the grated lemon rind or the extract you might have chosen.
  4. We sieve the flour and add right afterwards the baking powder before we add all together to the paste.
  5. Once we have the flour ready we will then add it gradually to the paste either manually or with the KA (you will have to change the accomplished mixer)
  6. As usual we pre-heat the oven around ten minutes. Just do it when you start preparing the recipe to avoid you forget about it, which is my case…
  7. Set the oven to 170/180 C both top of bottom on. Certainly these settings might depend on the oven itself as it happens also with the time frame. As it is quite habitual that the heat is not the same in all the areas of the oven I strongly recommend you use some stripes to be placed surrounding the mold (you can see them in the images) that ensures that the amount of heat is equal in all their parts. You will find this is specialized shops. I love it!!! 🙂
  8. The mold I use is 15 cm of PM & Arts

Tips for successful cookies:

  • All the ingredients should be kept (prior the preparation) to ambient temperature (not refrigerated)
  • Despite the fact that I am very keen on using oil in this case the only change I can advice is to replace butter by margarine mainly based on the need to have a consistent cake to be stuffed or dressed.
  • This cake (identically to the carrot cake) can be frozen. If you do that you should wait once made until it is cold and then you can wrap it and put it into the fridge. It can last easily three months in that state. In fact if you are going to dress it with Fondant it is very convenient to freezing it anycase, because by doing this the cake will not lose any of its properties while you will gain the fact that the cake is harder, more consistent and easier to work with it. You can rest assured that once ready there will not be anything left….I have uploaded here some images where you can see some minor volcans….In fact I cooked another one (sorry to say I am quite perfectionist…:) but it was so late that I did not take photos of this one. The good thing is that I didn’t need to cut anything to accommodate the Fondant dress… I promise photos of the next one ! hehehe 🙂

So try it and tell how it went. Good luck 🙂

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