For Non-Spanish speakers …

As I have seen that there are people of different countries interested in my blog I have decided to create this page that will be dedicated to publish my recipes in English, starting with those which apparently have been more welcome by my followers.

I have to say that the process will be somehow slow as the one tasked to translate it is my fantastic husband (according to my father The Saint Job of Las Rozas hahahaha) having in mind that there might be technical vocabulary that we do not know or some words in Spanish (close to slang) which can hardly be translated. Please be patient in that respect; you might find some errors in the translations.

Nevertheless if you have any doubt about any of its contents I will try to solve it and I am ready to reply it :), and if you wish to share any recipe with us to try it please feel free to speak it up and we will make testings together…

Thanks for visiting and get close to my little world …. EstherSweetHome


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