Whisky Cupcakes – A pleasure for the taste…

Whisky Cupcakes – A pleasure for the taste…

When I thought on preparing special cupcakes for my father immediately came to my mind to bake them with Whisky; don’t get me wrong he is not drinking the whole day same…in fact he seldom drinks but it is true that when he does it he likes to drink a small glass of whisky.

My father is a passionate person that has lived the developments of a century that has changed principles and habits very quickly and it has not been easy to  assume. He lives also deeply and despite all the dissapointments he still believes in Human Beings and our natural goodness. Precisely because of that he takes everything to heart and has lived a civil war, a dictatorship, a democracy and several financial crisis. He has fought and still fights for his five sons and daughters, for future generations, for his wife and his family and everything he believes it is upright.

After all these battles and days particularly tough close to the pleasant evening  he likes to sit on his sofa with a book, listening to Mozart music and a glass of fine  Scottish malt whisky, habitually purchased in Glasgow in one of my visits.

This is the moment I tried to reflect in this recipe, that moment of relax, pleasure, feeling well, well-done job, some sort of reward for all the things done. This is my humble contribution to that glass of Whisky 🙂

Let’s go with the Recipe now: 


The cake I have used as base is the vanilla one, and as usual I have prepared a syrup with two changes this time; one in the ingredients and another in the way it has been applied:


  • 200 gr of white sugar
  • 400 ml of water
  • stick cinnamon
  • lemon shell
  • orange shell
  • Whisky (as you like it)

The way to prepare it is the habitual one. We put all the ingredients together during 15 minutos until it boils. And then we cover it and we leave it for a while. I left it until the day after in the same grid without having sieved it. I did this with aim to make for tasty and then I sieved and put into the bottle. In this case I poured the Whisky once the syrup was slightly warm, and then I left t resting until it was completely cold. You can add any liqueur you wish and you can do it to aromatize the cupcakes, cakes, pies and any other pastry.

I normally use the syrup to stuff the cupcake once I have made a hole in the up centre with a special tool for that and prior stuffing the specific flavour you currently use for that purpose. However what I did today was, after those 5 minutes that you leave them to rest right after taking them out of the oven, to paint them overall their surface with a brush trying to achieve a consistent result.

For the stuffing and the spreading/topping of the cupcakes I prepared a Dark Chocolate Ganache:


  • 100 ml of cream (more than 35% fat)
  • 100 gr of dark chocolate negro (special for pastry)

First we place the cream in a pot until the boiling point is close. In that very moment we add the chocolate in small pieces (chocolate melts) or slightly melted (you can use a microwave oven) and we shake smoothly all together until we get a consistent paste. For the stuffing I added some drops of whisky while for the tpping I preferred not to pour whiskey on it. I spread the topping once the paste was totally cold.

The ganache keeps perfectly sound in the fridge, so if you have some left you can  use it to stuff layer cakes or even to cover it all (in this case I recommend to add  drops of corn oil to ease the operation)

Whysky Buttercream: 


  • 250 gr of butter (ambient temperature)
  • 300 gr of Icing Sugar ( Tate +Lile type)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • Whisky as you like it (2 or 3 tbsp)
  1. The way we prepare is the habitual one. In first place we mix the butter and the sugar with a low speed, unless we wish to have sugar in all cornes of the kitchen…Recall to cover the KA with a cloth  🙂
  2. We add vanilla extract and we shake it (speed 4/5 with the KA ) during 4 minutes more.
  3. We add Whisky as you like it and in my case I coloured it with “the Ivory of Wilton” with the aim of imitate the colour of the malt 🙂
  4. In this case as I have used the dark chocolate ganache as base to cover the  cupcake, I could directly go into the decoration process.
  5. The piping tube that I used was the 1M but instead of starting from inside to outside I did it the other way round, from outside to inside.

And this was the outcome.

I hope you would like my suggestion to thank our parents for the efforts and time they are always ready to dedicate us 🙂

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