Carrot Cake – no time left to stuff it…

Carrot Cake – no time left to stuff it…

At last I have had five minutes !!!!, too many things ongoing these days…extra things in the daily work, my family, the trips I have in the horizon and other commitments that are driving me crazy… 🙂

Anyhow surely it is not the first time that you will hear me talking about this; in my world the days should contain more hours because all the things I figure out in my mind cannot be ccaried out in 24 hours. hahaha

In anycase we will have to live with this and try to get from it everything we can but I want to apologize in advance if I am not very active in the blog very often which will not mean that I do not have lots of things to share with you but rather lack of time… 🙂

In line with a course that I have just attended today I bring the recipe of the Carrot Cake, which teorically I was going to stuff with Cream Cheese Icing. However at home my family decided to ‘attack it” befor I could stuff it…hahaha…At least I could take some photographs before it vanished… :).


  • 250/ 275 gr of carrots (in very small pieces) to ease the process in the oven.
  • 100 gr of plain flour
  • 100 gr of wheat flour
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • 200 gr of brown sugar (or white if your prefer it so)
  • 3 eggs (big-size)
  • 200 ml of corn or sunflower oil
  • Species: cinnamon (powder), nutmeg and grated ginger
  • A bit of salt
  • Optional: peeled nuts, raisins, apple and dried fruits.

Let’s go for the Recipe:

  1. First of all we put together the eggs and the sugar, adding the eggs one by one. The speed with the KA (with the mixer) should start with the lowest 1 and then we will increase it gradually up to 5 /6.
  2. Once we see it consistent we decrease the speed down to 4 and we add the oil. We do this little by little and slowly.
  3. While the KA makes its job with the paste we start t prepare the flour.
  4. We sieve the wheat flour, the plain one we leave it aside for later utilization. Once we have sieve the wheat flour we add the baking powder and the species. We then mix up everything manually with a rod. Then we add the plain flour.
  5. Once we have the flour ready we pour it gradually to the paste (1 & 2). We can do it manually or using the KA. The aim is having everything very well mixed and consistent.
  6. The last step consist on adding the carrots and other stuff such as nuts, almonds, apple…I did not add many things more as my daughters are not very keen on finding solid things in it…But everything you wish to add you have to do it in this very moment in time.
  7. As usual we pre-heat the oven around 10 minutes before: As I tent to forget about it I do it once I start to prepare the process.
  8. As to the temperature of the oven this is always the same..It depends on so many factor, practically something similar to what happens with our children hahaha..Seriously this is just  a reference. I use the fan mode set to 160ºC and  50 minutes approx., there is a discussion about it between the ones that state fan and other which more traditional prefer the top/bootom mode.
  9. The mold is the 15 cm one of PME & Arts


  • The ingredients should be kept out of the fridge (ambient temperature)
  • This paste can be also used for cupcakes, but have in mind that in this case it would not be convenient to add (because of its size) nuts or any piece that might be not be comfortable when you bite it. If you decide it to do it please choose very small pieces.
  • I am using olive oil (mild type) but according to some experts it is preferable to use corn or sunflower oil, reason why I have included this in the recipe. Reason  appears to be that these non-olive oils respect more truly the taste of the ingredients 🙂

Well, this is the result…My family really liked it and they have already told me to bake it again for them…Trust you will also enjoy it…

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