And now comes what I promised – Milk Cream Cupcakes and piping tube no. 22 ;)

And now comes what I promised – Milk Cream Cupcakes and piping tube no. 22 ;)

After all the messages received from you since I commented that I was going to experience with Milk Cream Cupcakes I decided that as long as there was such an interest I would share it with you immediately. And this is it

Moreover in this case everytime I posted a photograph of any cupcake with what I call ‘rosette’ decoration – do not ask me where the name comes from, have no idea hahaha) there were questions about it and therefore I have taken the opportunity to decorate these cupcakes with this one and have also included in this post the piping tube no. 22 tutorial.

Let’s go first with the recipe: in this case I used the de vainilla cake. You can check any detail about it in the link vanilla cupcakes. We have to leave them cool down and then make a hole – and cover it right after the stuffing- in the top centre (there is a very good tool use for the apples) and stuff them with home-made syrup which I made it as below:


  • 200 gr of white sugar
  • 400 ml of water
  • stick cinnamon
  • lemon shell
  • orange shell

The way to prepare it is the habitual one. We put all the ingredients together during 15 minutos until it boils. And then we cover it and we leave it for a while. I left it until the day after in the same grid without having sieved it. I did this with aim to make for tasty and then I sieved and put into the bottle. By doing this the syrup can easily last a couple of weeks – not in my case 🙂 – and you can use to aromatize cupcakes, cakes, pies…

Once we have applied a bit of syrup to make it softer and more tasty I stuffed it with Milk Cream and cover it again with the pieces I had previously withdrawn with the apple tool.

Milk Cream Buttercream:

  • 250 gr of unsulted butter (softened temperature)
  • 250 gr of Icing Sugar (Tate + Lile type)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • 1 tbsp of water or milk (depending on when we will consume it)
  • 1 tbsp of “cream of tartar” (again not fundamental but convenient)
  • 2 or 3 tbsp of Milk Cream (as you like it)
  1. We prepare it as usual. First we mix up the butter and the sugar with a low speed (remember to cover it with a cloth unless you wish to have a white kitchen from now on 🙂
  2. We add vanilla, water or milk, cream of tartar  and we shake it all together setting the KA to speed 4/5 around 4 minutes more.
  3. I personally cover the cake with a basic buttercream by ‘painting’ the surface on the top and with the rest of the cream is where/when I use the dyes and the  savours, which is the part of it that I will utilize in the decoration.  .
  4. In this case I also add some additional basic buttercream to all the cakes with the aim of softening the sweet taste that Milk Cream will provide and then  only at the end for the decoration itself I pour the Milk Cream. The colour was perfect and I did not add additional dyes.

And now let’s go with the decoration. The piping tube I use is the Wilton no. 22 but you can also use nos. 21 or 20. Certainly they will be slightly smaller but also a way to try to use what you have at home already. You never know how if finally looks like, whether better or worse with one another ! The reason I use this 22 is based on the advice of Ana (the teacher in the course of a lovely dedicated shop socalled El Rincón Goloso – The Sweet Corner). The outcome is the one you can see here; but try with what you may have first.

And now let´s tackle the tutorial. Don’t be too demanding, it is the first one I have ever done ! I will surely improve but in the meantime you can ask whatever you like… 🙂

STEP 1 – “We prepare the Cupcake for the decoration..” I like to cover the cupcake always with a topping of a different colour that the one I will use later on. In this case I left the vanilla olour for this and suit very well with the darker one of the own Milk Cream  🙂 … I am rather maniatic with this thing… hahaha

STEP 2 – We start with the rosettes …. We place the piping tube on the cake and we press slightly its bag and at the same time we lift it and draw a small closed circle, starting and finalizing in the same point. 

STEP 3 – We fill up the edge…We have to be careful not to leave gaps amongst the different rosettes. At the same time we try to draw them of the same size until we have completed the whole edge.

STEP 4 – Gradually we complete the surface of the cake. This operation will be slow at the beginning and you have to put in it a lot of patience. No worries if not all of them are identical in size…It is a question of practice and expertise…Think that they will taste great anyway…take it easy 🙂

Paso 5 – Ok. Now you have the first layer of rosettes completed yuhuuu…. Only with this first row the decoration looks extremelly nice…!!!!!!! I haven’t realize it before…I will have to experiment next time !!!  hahahaha

STEP 6 – We start them with the next row. We follow exactly the same process. the number of new rosettes will depend on the size of the cupcake and the one that have the resto of rosettes. Do not panic with the possible gaps as we will fill them up later on. Ideally you should have another three for this second row of rosettes.

STEP 7 – Try to hide the mistakes 🙂 You can put again the piping tube on the cake and by pressing slightly make small circles that cover everything consistently…here you have it…It is not complicated, is it ? And the outcome is great. So start to practice right away..And good luck

This is it ! I am confident I will be see soon your own photographs of this recipe. Trust you like the post ! 😉


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