Chocolate Ganache & Baileys Cupcakes

Chocolate Ganache & Baileys Cupcakes

I am not sure if I have already commented that I am not very keen on sweets or sweet related food and even more that it has been today the first occassion I have eaten a whole cupcake; I take for granted it is hard to understand but it is true. So far I had tried just bits of the base to check textures or just a bite of any of the ones that were eaten by my daughters or husband. What I have done today is an exception, a promise I made to Gloria, as the deal was that as soon I could bake her recipe I would take a whole cupcake, despite the fact that I have to confess that it had been difficult to resist to taste them while was making them :), nevertheless I have always available an army of volunteers that without any problem will taste whatever…So no worries that everything is under control 😉

I have exactly the same issue when I prepare buttercream with alcoholic contents, which is the case with this recipe, providing that it is incompatible with my medical treatment where alcoholic drinks are absolutely forbidden and thus the strongest drink I can have is an infusion cocktail..hahahaha. But no worrikes as i have testers at home that can try whatever I prepare; it really doesn´t matter whether it is jam, liqueur or syrup…but at the end it in fact happens with any ingredient in the sense that you should trust on yourself and adapt your quantities to your own criteria.

I am of the opinion, as a general statement, that recipes should be prepared as they are the first time and from that moment on tailor-make them, tune them because every person is a world in terms of likes…

Let´s go then with the recipe:


Firstly let´s tackle the preparation of the cinammon cupcake:


  • 115 ml oil, preferably corn or its equivalent in butter
  • 220 gr of brown sugar
  • 2 eggs L size
  • 220 gr of flour
  • 140 ml of milk
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • raw cinammon bars (non-powdered)

And now the recipe:

  1. Mix up the sugar and the eggs with a low speed, adding the eggs one by one without stopping until everything is consistent.
  2. Next step would be to add oil, recall that if you use butter we firstly should mix up the sugar, the butter and then the eggs.
  3. In the meantime we have sieved the flour and the baking powder.
  4. We have boiled the milk with the raw cinammon and we can also add powdered cinammon. Once boiled you should leave it resting for a while and  withdraw the raw cinnamon.
  5. We then add half of the solid mass (flour and baking powder) into half of the liquid mass (milk and cinnamon) and we see that the mix is properly suiting you can then gradually add the rest of each part.
  6. We beat everything all together while we set the oven to 180ºC (pre-heat).
  7. We fill up the cupcakes cases depending on your likes, having always in mind that the maximum in height is approximately 2/3. I have to confess that sometimes exceed it…
  8. We put them into the oven for roughly 25 minutes.
  9. Once done we leave them in the metal mold for 5 minutes.
  10. Once this time has elapsed we transfer the cupcakes to the cooling grating.

For the stuffing and for the cover the surface I prepared Chocolate Ganache.


  • 150 ml of cream (more than 35% fat)
  • 150 gr of dark chocolate negro (special for pastry)

First we place the cream in a pot until the boiling point is close. In that very moment we add the chocolate in small pieces (chocolate melts) or slightly melted (you can use a microwave oven) and we shake smoothly all together until we get a consistent paste.

For the stuffing I used a tool to withdraw the heart of the apples to withdraw a spheric  piece and I stuffed them in this case with ganache mixed up with Baileys to enhance the flavour.

The ganache keeps perfectly sound in the fridge, so if you have some left you can  use it to stuff layer cakes or even to cover it all (in this case I recommend to add  drops of corn oil to ease the operation)

Baileys Buttercream

  • 250 gr of butter (not in the fridge !)
  • 250 gr of Icing Sugar (Tate + Lile type)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • Baileys -as you like it- (3 tbs)
  1. The preparation is the usual one, firstly we mix the butter and sugar at a very klow speed (unless you wish to have all the kitchen full of a white powder…so cover it with a cloth 🙂
  2. We add vanilla and beat it with the KA at 4/5 speed for 4 more minutes.
  3. We add the Baileys and any dye you wish. I did not add any of these this time.
  4. In this case as I had used chocolate ganache as base to cover the surface of the cupcake I directly proceed with the decoration.
  5. The piping tube I used was the 1M but instead starting from inside to outside I did it the other way round.
  6. Finally to complete the decoration I chose peanuts covered with chocolate.

As you can see the recipe is very much close to whisky cupcakes but as long as you had told me that you preferred it in a different post I enclose it here. I hope this could help you and solve most of the doubts you might have; just ask  me any additional information you could need 😉

Here are also the photographs that you can use as guideline 😉

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