Chocolate & Blackberry Cupcakes

Chocolate & Blackberry Cupcakes

My mother that dedicates part of her time to have “Reiki” sessions with us and keep our “chakras” fine-tuned, has insisted several times during present year that 2012 is a very rich period as to energy and will bring a lot of new ideas and changes that in one way or another will balance the situation. Of course we hope that the changes will be positive.

I do not know whether this is true or not but I can rest assured at least that in my mind such birth of ideas seem to exist indeed and my brain is boling these days and some of these ideas are of course related to cupcakes world…Either way due to this possible cosmic strengths, the spring arrival or the workload the thing is that I am more creative than ever and, in that respect, I am trying to experiment with new things such as blackberries and chocolate combination..and providing that I saw blackberries in the supermarket few days ago I could not resist anymore and I bought them 🙂


The cupcakes that I have used as base are the standard recipe for chocolate. which I have amended slightly since I discovered the ones mentioned in Vanity Cakes, view that so far are the best in my opinion. I have changed it a little bit as long as using oil instead of butter but I would recommend you visit the original page as all the products in there appears to be great and the  you can  make your own variations but using the startung point og the original recipe. Anyhow the recipe is simply spectacular, even myself has tried one…!!! 😉

Let’s go with the recipe as I have finally baked two versions; six cupcakes for each decoration, with different stuffing.

Version 1:

  • Once we have stuffed the cupcakes with the mass and there are about to be ready I have put into the cupcake, in its center, a whole raw blackberry, and then I have put them again into the oven to complete the baking.
  • In this case they will not raise too much and they could be in the centre be slightly down. Nothing serious but important to highlight it for your guidance.
  • Once they are out of the oven and after 3 or 4 minutes we apply with the brush some syrup, when they are still warm and before passing them all to the cooling grating. (you can check in any of my recipes the homemade syrup)
Version 2:
  • In this case we bake the other 6 as usual and we leave them cooling down in the grating.
  • With a tool for withdrawing the heart of the apples (the stone) we take out the centre of the cupcake and we stuff it with some syrup (to make it softer) and some blackberry homemade jam.
  • 60 gr of fresh blackberries
  • 3 tbsp of icing sugar
  • 3 tbsp of water

We put all together to boil (slow mode) until you can see that the blackberries have the appearance of a jam and well mixed.

The amounts or quantities I have provided you are just orientative as you might like sweeter of less solid…..

Part of this jam will be used to flavour the buttercream for the frosting but in this case we will have to sieve it properly to avoid any issue with the piping tube as the jam can obstruct it.



  • 250 gr of butter (out of the fridge)
  • 250 gr of Icing Sugar ( tipo Tate + Lile)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla savour
  • Blackberry jam  (3 or 4 tbsp)
  • Dye , the one I have utilized here is “Grape Violet” from “Sugar Flair” because despite the fact that the colour of the jam is rather as red wine I had preferred to make it rather more purple, close to the real blackberry. Again this is absolutely personal. 🙂
  1. The preparation is the usual one, firstly we mix the butter and sugar at a very klow speed (unless you wish to have all the kitchen full of a white powder…so cover it with a cloth 😉
  2. We add vanilla savour and beat it with the KA at 4/5 speed for 4 more minutes.
  3. We already have the vanilla buttercream.
  4. If you wish to make it exactly as it is shown in the images I have used two differente piping tubes, 1A to assist when I have extended the cover of vanilla buttercream and I have flatten it with a spatula, to make the flower decoration in a later stage.
  5. With the remaining buttercream I have added the jam (previously I have sieved it) and the dye and we beat all together at 4 speed. Once everything is well mixed up we have then the blackberry buttercream.
  6. I used for this the piping tube 2D and I placed a raw blackberry on top.
  7. In the base of the glass I also placed blackberry buttercream as the bottom was more narrow than in the top. Depending on the recipient you use you might not need it.
This is the outcome. I hope you could liked it and you will tell me which one of the two recipes you like best..At home we have not decided yet hehehe Both so far ! Cheers  😉

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