Mini Layer Cake – Jasmine…

Mini Layer Cake – Jasmine…

I am living in Madrid for more years by now than what I lived in what I considered my homeland, Cádiz (Algeciras), but have to say, despite such circumstances, that the place where I grew up is deeply in my heart and only when I can visit its beaches like Zahara, El Palmar, Bolonia, Caños… I am indeed able to feel brand new again.

Trying to bring part of it to Madrid I planted years ago two jasmines, one of the plants that I recall best based on its pleasant and intense smell, specially during spring. I have been able to keep them both alive even when we have had here in Madrid late snow, very low temperatures below zero and against all the fortune-tellers that offhand thought they will not survive. The only thing I have not been able to achieve is to make them flourish more than once every year.

As everything at home has its own rhythm, my jasmines have also adopted their own and most likely will flourish just in the very moment I am travelling to Glasgow on a business travel and therefore I will miss that smell that I definitely love and long for.

Therefore being inspired with a Layer Cake of our friend Peggy Porschen, I decided to create my own version of “Jasmine”, taking advantage of my own garden. As usually happens that day it was raining heavily.

So as a revenge I have scheduled a trip to Sevilla during June (let’s cross fingers) with my “Southern Twin Soul” who will take me out, walking around Triana area or Guadalquivir riverside while we have the chance to smell in deep the sevillian jasmines and their flowers that will surely compensate by far all the weather inconvenients I have faced these days.

In this occassion there is no recipe as such, it is a  4th quarters cake,  a layer cake stuffed with chocolate ganache and raspberry jam, decorated with fondant Peggy Porchen’s style but with a sevillian touch.

This post is dedicated to my close friend Anita. A big kiss to you 🙂

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    • thanks very much for your kind words. In fact I am new on this, I started with this blog few months ago because I needed to share my feelings and recipes but I have never thought that i was going to be followed by people from other countries not even that I was going to have followers, so it´s a pleasure for me to receive your feedback and more to see that you are sharing my post with your people. Many thanks indeed. Cheers


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