Things I am afraid to tell…Or I am not ?

Things I am afraid to tell…Or I am not ?

Since I read some weeks ago a post in Biscayenne I have been considering to write this post. Basically it was about the image we might be giving through our respective blogs and the perception that our readers have when they go through our recipes, writings or photographs.

I have read several articles in this respect with different opinions; I share some of them and I definitely don’t for others. However I do want to participate in this debate and somehow show that hidden part we that we do not reveal just because we think that nobody is interested on knowing it. But definitely what I don’t want is that people could indeed I am a different person than the one I am, cooking the whole day in a kitchen that self-cleans and that I live in Estherland, happy for ever and leaving aside what surrounds me….

If you still feel like reading on, I warn you that there is no recipes here, things that not necessarily i am scared to tell but that I have not done it because I though no-one was going to be interested on them but, on the other hand, can help you to understand and know in deep what there is behind EstherSweetHome:

I created this blog more as a therapy than anything else in view that I need a mean of escaping of everything that happened in a very moment in my life. I have always relaxed while cooking but it was indeed pastry what I loved, and in fact my best memories have to do with traditional sweets for Christmas made by my grandmother and thus I have alway linked cooking with familiar meals and conversations after them and it was precisely those moments that I tried to recover amongst other things the peace of my childhood. This is how this blog was born.

Reversely to some opinions that I have read in my case this blog is not solely a pastry o cooking blog in which you simply stick to the recipe and that is all; n my case the blog ia a part of me and I cannot separate one thing from another. When I prepare a recipe I am doing it thinking of someone or juts because that person has inspired me to do it so and for that reason I always tell something about myself in every recipe as if a piece of me would be in its ingredients.

Since ever I have loved photography but I am rather an amateur, I do not enhance the images, not further of what the application does itself and automatically amongst other reasons because I am running out of time and therefore I am not patient enough to investigate photograph programs. I of course try to make nice photos with a Lumix that I adore and was the gift that I received years ago for my birthday but, still today, I surely mis-use it and there are many features that I am not skilled to utilize. But I hate that someone could make me photos and if you follow me in Facebook you might have had the privilege of seeing me (or something of me) under the bonnet or behinf the scarf or the coat when I was visiting Glasgow some weeks ago hehehe.

I am quite perfectionist for all sort of things and I believe at the end entails more bad things that good to be so, reason why I am never happy with the outcome of my recipes, but those I upload in the blog are the ones that are close to what I want to achieve, despite the fact that I always support that people could tailor make them and prepare their own version.

I use pastry as a way to decrease my stress and as I ave already pointed out as therapy, what does not mean that by doing this I am not stressing others in view of the terrible state my kitchen ends up after a full session. More than once my family have left the kitchen quietly with the aim of not standing me any more.

I created the Facebook page as a way to communicate with my closest people, something that my Blog would not allow, things like morning states, after lunch conversations…knowing in advance that labour timetable not always will let you spare time to dedicate to this.

I am not keen on gaining followers in FB or here just for the sake of having them; I believe people should follow me as long as they like my posts or they wish to share something. I of course like that people could follow me and in fact I feel delighted to see that someone has been won somehow for any of my posts and I also feel proud for it. I did not know that that I could share something with someone that I have never seen and lives in the opposite side of the world. I do not really care how many followers I can have but rather I feel honoured to check that they are here because they really want to be and they want to share recipes or tricks or just comment it and, as already had happened, we end up being friends.

Regarding prizes I of course like to be granted with them and I feel indeed valued by my colleagues despite the fact that, as I have already mentioned sincerely several times, there is a lot of talent around to be, precisely me, he one rewarded. I have on top mixed feelings as currently I will then in turn feel stressed to select myself my favourite blogs and vote for them. I do not have really the time to follow the voting-circle that these prizes entail. At the same time I am quite shy and I do not like to show off about it and seldom I will make it public, jeopardizing the possible publicity that the prize convoker might have if I did it.

I would love to be regular when we talk about post and timing but in general i am not very disciplined and it depends o many factors the amount of entries: my mood, recipes finally successful, possible trips, my personal agenda…so I can tell you that either the Facebook page or the Bog itself is a hobby for me and I would not like to end up obsessed and therefore will feed them with new posts them whenever I can.

I do not have any specific issue I dislike about pastry and I must confess that as long as I am more and more involved I like best. It is not a secret that I love cupcakes as this is how I started, but I am totally open to try whatever and make experiments with anything and I have still a huge room to improve, most likely ages…

Unconditional loves: My Family, Mafalda and books.

Unconditional hates: Onions, hypocrisy and non-tolerance

Regarding secrets I have to admit that sometimes I am puzzled when I see you using some terms in your posts and providing that I learnt cooking from my grandmother and later on adapting some of the recipes of the Simone Ortega book, I had never heard half of the terminology I encountered when I join this world…but luckily there is a great deal of people around ready to teach you and clarify doubts without any in exchange.

As an aside note Pinterest has been a great discovery and I believe it is an inspiration site where you can participate and dream, because I like the beautiful things, make them, see them, imagine them and all this is possible within Pinterest.

My character: extremely sincere, passionate, perfectionist, non-sleep, proud, very demanding with myself and with the ones around and I would love to leave a better world than the one we have for those that have not arrived yet, in spite of thinking sometime that what I do is the utmost I can do it to make it happen.

If someone has been able to arrive to this point you can check that I am a normal person that only pursues to find a proper place in this world, sharing my hobbies in this blog and if in this attempt I can achieve that someone could have a good time reading my posts, preparing one of my recipes or making possible they could make some experiments after seeing one of mine it would be just great, as this is in fact what this is about.




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