Welcome to my world !

I would like to welcome all you to this corner, where I would like to share with you all these great moments that pop up when a recipe finally ends up with success, exactly as you like it or as you were dreaming for ages, such as a icing sugar flower  to be made with a pastry bag that you had tried 200 times before and only now comes up properly. But most likely no-one will recognize such achievement unless those that, exactly like you, have tried to do it themselves 200 times and therefore will know how you feel when this happens…Your really go up, you feel great, don’t you ? Or those sour moments that entail whenever you have guests or you have invited your mother in law and what you are baking is totally ruined, burnt or just when you are about to serve it someone pours wine into it….Oppppsssssssss

This blog is dedicated to those that enjoy cooking for others and want to share what they know, meet new people with the same common hobbies and just cook for the sake of cooking, pure pleasure.

Thanks for being around from time to time


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